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BarRev LLC provides classrooom instruction and tutoring services to students who are either heading to law school, currently studying law, or preparing for the California bar exam or MPRE.

For students who have already been accepted to law school, we offer “law school bootcamp”, the Law School Academic Preparation Program (LSAPP). For first-year law students, we provide tutoring in the classic first-year subjects. And for California bar exam or MPRE takers, we provide tutoring that can be used in conjunction with self-directed study or a California bar review course.

BarRev founder Shelley Harrison (J.D., Virginia; B.A., Stanford) began his teaching career at Fairmeadow Elementary School working with learning-disabled students. Since that time, he has been trained as an instructor by all three of the top national test preparation companies, including TestMasters, Kaplan, and Princeton Review.

After graduating from Stanford, he attended the University of Virginia School of Law, where he served as managing editor of the Virginia Law Review.

Shelley has a strong personal track record as a test-taker: perfect LSAT score and Math II score; 99th %-ile scores on the GRE, SAT and ACT; and a first-time pass on the California Bar Exam and MPRE.

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