BarRev California Bar Exam Bar Review


BarRev™ provides California bar review classroom instruction and one-on-one tutoring for students who are preparing for the California Bar Exam, MPRE, or California “Baby Bar” Exam.

In addition to California bar review, BarRev offers the Law School Academic Preparation Program™ (LSAPP™), which is a law school prep course (“law school bootcamp” or “prepcamp”) geared for students who are about to enter their first year of law school.

For students who are already in law school, BarRev offers 1stYr™ tutoring services for first-year (1L) law students who are currently studying the classic first-year subjects (contracts, torts, and company).

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LEX Law Prep provides live educational services throughout Southern California and telephonic tutoring nationwide.   We offer discounted rates to individuals who are repeating an exam or who have taken a job at a non-profit organization or public defender’s office.

A LEX speaker is available to come to speak (i) to your pre-law society or Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity meeting about preparing for law school academics or (ii) to your law school student body or incoming law firm associates regarding prepping for the California Bar Exam, Baby Bar, MPRE, law school exam prep, or the LSAT.  There is no charge for these exam prep informational sessions.

Our current and former students include both current students and graduates from UCLA, USC, Southwestern Law School, Loyola, Pepperdine, Whittier, Stanford, Boalt, Hastings, and numerous other colleges and universities.  Speaking engagements have ranged from way up north (UCSB) to way down south (Chapman and UC-Irvine).

We look forward to helping you Test at Your Best™.